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Monument & Pylon Signs

What catches your attention when driving down a busy street with lots of retail stores? It is usually the sign by the roadside that has the name of the business! These signs are referred to as monument and pylon signs. The purpose of monument and pylon signs is to communicate your location and also draw attention and market your business! A creative sign will set your business apart from the others!


At Shannon-Baum Signs we can help you with your monument and pylon signage needs, as well as all other types of signs. Let us design, manufacture and install the signs for you. We can help your business get the attention it deserves.

Shannon-Baum Signs specializes in custom real estate & hotel signs of all shapes and sizes.  Call or email us today for a quote.

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Monument Signs


A monument sign, like it’s name states, is a monument to the business. It is usually substantial in it’s size and appearance. It can be lighted or unlighted. Monument signs can be made of stone, brick, cinder block with stucco, aluminum or other materials.  They can be shaped and painted to look like brick, stone, stucco or other materials.  Different faces or letters can be applied to them to provide creative displays and to get good visibility to the business. As with many signs, you are really only limited by your creativeness (and the city sign ordinances).

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Pylon Signs


The difference between a monument sign and a pylon sign is that the pylon sign is going to show multiple occupants. The pylon sign can be a sign with various panels showing the occupants of a business or shopping center with posts on either side. It could also be a lighted cabinet with the business listed. They can be simple or very complex. There are multiple looks and styles.

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