Summertime…for some Tint!

Summertime…for some Tint!

The first day of summer is coming up quickly! June 20th to be exact. Now is a great time to get your windows tinted. Why you ask? Simply put, to increase privacy and reduce heat.

Now that vacation season is upon us it is a smart idea to tint those windows to increase your privacy. Since most people travel out of town for vacation and load up the car with a week’s worth of clothes and belongings, it is smart to consider tinting to reduce visibility. When your windows are darkened it makes it hard for thieves to peak in and see what valuables you have. Discretion is one of the top reason people tint their car windows.

The other very common reason for applying car window film is to cool the temperature inside the vehicle. On warm summer days the heat produced by direct sunlight is blocked by the tint allowing the inside temperature of your car to remain cool. Low transparency window film can decrease heat in your car by 70%. Knowing that summer is coming and temperatures are rising you should also know that window tinting can help you use less energy. Imagine how hot your car gets sitting in the parking lot… now imagine how much energy it takes to blast the AC to cool you and the whole car down. With window tint the overall car temp is going to be cooler which then leads to less AC needed to cool you and your car down leading you to use less energy and gas!

Let us help you enjoy your summer to the fullest by applying one of our 3 different levels of 3M Window tint to your vehicles. Call today for any questions or to make an appointment to get your car tinted and protected for this hot summer ahead! Want to see some of our quality work? Go visit our Shannon Baum Signs Automotive Tint Facebook Page for tons of photos, videos and Before & After shots.

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