Advertising Flags for Custom Promotions

Advertising Flags for Custom Promotions

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Today’s popular Blade and Tear Drop advertising flags come in all colors for many uses and they are easy on your advertising budget. Advertising flags were one of earliest forms of advertising, even preceding the common billboard.   Colorful yet simple enough to be read from the road, they are the perfect way to publicize special events in real time. Most come with custom printed graphics that are supplied by the customer.

What exactly is an advertisement flag?

Generally speaking, they are any type of banner that is used to promote a product or service. They are also commonly used to announce upcoming events like a local festival, holiday sale or grand opening. New and used car dealers often use custom flag banners to show potential buyers where on the lot certain makes and models of cars are located. These flags for advertising are becoming an increasingly popular method of promoting among both small companies and large corporations alike. Because they work!

One of the popular product lines among the advertising flags, are message flags. These can be pre-printed banners with generic text or custom designed flags for specific purposes. Generic flags can be used to promote grand openings, sales, auctions, clearances, open houses, etc. Custom flags are often seen outside establishments like restaurants, bars and small businesses. The message flags may have one word printed on them in large text to announce a sale or an entrance. Or they may display an important message like, This is a smoke-free event.”The popular blade and feather-shaped flags typically come with a pole, ground spike and carrying case for transporting to events.  The UV protected, durable fabric is hand sewn with needle lock stitching and reinforced sleeves for durability and longer life. The flag and pole assembly features an 11 or 13 pole and the flags can be cut in feather, flutter or square patterns for added impact as they blow freely in the wind.  You can choose from single-sided reverse reading backside, double-sided right-reading backside, as well as custom digital printing.

What are some of the benefits to using custom flags?

  • Feather banners can be used outdoors to create an attention-grabbing fixture to passersby.
  • Custom flags are easily moveable to travel with you to special events, allowing for additional placement options.
  • Promotional banners can be used to draw attention to a new product or upcoming event.

Who uses advertising flags and banners?

Homebuilders use them to draw attention to their new housing developments. Restaurants use them to make people hungry. New businesses use them to let everybody know they’re now open. Clothing stores use them to advertise sales. Tourism boards use them to promote Wine Festivals. And list goes on and on.

From big traditional rectangular flags, to eye-catching vertical flags, to blade flags than rise from the ground and sway in the breeze, promoting your business with these tools can be highly effective and profitable for you.

Shannon-Baum Signs and Graphics custom flags are finished with superior craftsmanship and designed to fit your advertising needs. Call today to see how custom flags can help promote your business.

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