LED Message Boards | Maryland Sign Shop

LED Message Boards | Maryland Sign Shop

What is an LED Message Board?

LED Message boards are signs that utilize bright, energy-efficient lights, to create an eye-catching and dynamic message. These signs are often seen outside of schools, fire departments, restaurants, salons, banks and many other businesses. These signs allow the user to change messages quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of LED Message Boards?

There are many benefits to LED Message Boards. LED signs allow you to change your message or graphic from the comfort of your office using your phone or another Wi-Fi enabled device. No more changing your message in the rain and snow! This feature also allows you to create timely messages about the weather or current events. Another benefit to LED signs is their eye-catching display that is sure to be seen by oncoming traffic and pedestrians. With bright colors, and ever-changing graphics and messages, your viewer will be sure to continuously check in on your sign! Finally, our message centers are great because they are customizeable. LED signs are not “one size fits all”, but Shannon-Baum is here to help you choose the perfect sign for your business. We offer both monochrome (red or amber) and full-color displays. Whether you just want to display a few lines of simple text, or you want full color graphics, there is an LED sign for you. Our Message Boards also come in a variety of sizes.

How do I order my LED Message Board?

To start your order simply give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss all of your options. We have a team of professional designers, fabricators and installers with extensive knowledge about LED Message Boards to help guide you through the process. This team will be working together to ensure your sign reflects your vision. We have created numerous message boards for a variety of businesses in Maryland and surrounding areas. Check out some of our most recent LED Message Boards!

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