Shannon-Baum Signs gets a new 14′ Shear!

Shannon-Baum Signs gets a new 14′ Shear!

Being a Maryland based business since our inception in 1950, we have always strived to purchase from Maryland companies as much as possible. This is a story of our commitment to that in regards to machine purchases. On October 21, 1981 we purchased a new GATTI Mechanical Power Squaring Shear from Steve Lazinsky of COMEQ, Inc. Steve’s company back then was located at 1025 Watson Street (Off 100 E. Baltimore St at Lloyd Street) Baltimore. The shear was an 8’ 14ga that we had delivered to our location at 4104 Aquarium Place in Baltimore. In 1987 the GATTI made the trek to our newest location at 105 Competitive Goals Drive in Eldersburg.

The GATTI served us very well through the years, but our needs changed to have the ability to shear thicker aluminum, .100 and .125 thick with ease. On March 14, 2016 we once again reached out to Steve (now located in White Marsh) about a new shear. Steve took the GATTI back as a trade in and we purchased a new Primeline Power Squaring Shear that is 13’ wide and weighs 24,200lbs. The new shear was delivered to our current location in Eldersburg and has sped up production of custom cut aluminum blanks and signs. The Primeline Power Squaring Shear has the ability to cut 5’x12’ sheets of aluminum with ease!
Keeping purchases such as this within Maryland helps our local economy and we are proud to be a part of that! Remember to shop small and support your local businesses!


Flyer from our original purchase.


Shear on Truck

Our new shear arriving on the truck!


The shear inside our facility and ready to roll!


Removal of the old Gatti.


Saying our last goodbyes to the shear as it was taken away to be traded in.